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The Greene & Greene Virtual Archives (GGVA) uses MrSID to deliver large images over the web. MrSID is a file format created by LizardTech Software that delivers high-resolution images while maintaining original image integrity. With file size reduction of up to 95 percent, MrSID is especially designed for massive image files that need to be accessed quickly. Both locally and via the Internet, MrSID offers instantaneous viewing, panning and zooming of high-resolution imagery. LizardTech offers the MrSID Viewer as a plug-in that is free to download, there is a link from the Search Results pages, or you may go to the LizardTech site.

Download ExpressView Browser Plug-in (MrSID)

Image enlargement window:
At the search results pages, by clicking on the index images you will activate the image enlargement feature. Click on the navigation icons on the side bar of the window to change magnification. To “zoom in” click on the “+” icon, which will magnify the image, allowing you to view more detail. To “zoom out” click on the “-“ icon, which will decrease the image magnification. The reset button returns the image to its original size. Click on the directional arrows to move horizontally and vertically across the image. The navigation box shows what area of the image you are viewing.

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